Letters - Boxes
Face lit channel letters are an appealing way to promote your brand on your building or on a monument sign. At night, each individual letter lights up giving the appearance of your name floating on your building. Letters can be flush mounted to the building or on a raceway to allow for easier installation and less penetrations into the wall. Our letters are all LED illuminated ensuring a long lasting display and peace of mind.
Reverse illuminated channel letters do not light up the front of the letters like face lit channel letters do. Instead, the letters are mounted 1-2” stood off the wall and the light is aimed at the back of the letter and it provides a halo light around each letter.
Cabinet Signs can come in a variety of shapes but are best known in the classic rectangular shape. These signs are typically internally illuminated and are built from an extrusion system that allows for a variety of depth.​​​​​​​
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