Pylon - Monument Signs
Monument signs are the smaller cousin of pylon signs. These signs tend to be lower to the ground and create that crucial first impression to your customers. Typically, less than 20’ in height monument signs are tied into the brand and also can highlight/compliment architectural features of your business’s building itself. The base of a monument sign can be complimentary stone/brick or fabricated metal. Often times on the top of the main cabinet a decorative topper can be created. Monument signs are usually illuminated and can have a variety of face types. These include flat Lexan with vinyl graphics, routed and backed, routed push-thru and even channel letters on the faces.
No matter if you are a single business looking for a street-side, standalone pylon or a property manager in need of a pylon for all of your properties and buildings, we will assist you in installing a custom pylon sign to fit your needs! Pylon Signs, typically custom lightboxes, come in different shapes and sizes. For single businesses a large lightbox with lettering is affixed to a large pole or is a self-standing 3-D fixture with several faces.
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